Clean Up Spilled Glitter Easily With This Bread Trick

Glitter is one of those things that sounds good on paper but is terrible in practice. While it might add a dose of magic to a birthday card or children's art project, it's an absolute nightmare to clean. People always joke that you will find glitter in your car or house for years on end since those sparkly flecks have a habit of embedding themselves into the most random nooks and crannies. And even worse, the flecks are so tiny that they're difficult to spot and remove. However, if you find yourself with a sparkling, twinkling mess, something in your pantry might help. All you need is a slice of bread to easily clean up spilled glitter

Rather than chasing flecks down with a paper towel or vacuum, a piece of bread can pick them up more successfully. Not only is this convenient since most people have bread in their cupboards, but it's also a great way to utilize a loaf that might have gone bad before you ate it. Here's how to do it.

How to use bread to clean up glitter

To try this hack, all you need is a soft piece of bread. A stale piece likely won't be able to pick up the glitter as well since it won't be as malleable. You also want to use either white bread or a bagel, since they are soft and fluffy in nature. To use this hack, first clean up the worst of the mess with a vacuum. 

Once the shimmering piles are gone, and all you are left with are the rogue flakes the hose couldn't get, grab your piece of bread. Simply press it into the surface and lift it away like a piece of tape. Keep doing this until the bread is sufficiently glittery. Once it is, it's best to grab a new slice so you don't accidentally re-embed the pieces you have caught in the slice. This should help you get those last shimmering pieces that would otherwise stick around for months.