What To Do If You Get Bleach On Your Carpet?

Bleach is an inexpensive product that whitens your white clothes, removes accidental stains, and disinfects surfaces around the house. However, spilling it accidentally on your carpet can leave a huge stain. Being an oxidizing agent, it'll strip your rug of its color (unless your carpet is pearly white), rather than add a colorful stain as most other spilled things do. In the case that you notice the spill immediately, dampen a towel with cold water and use it to blot (not rub) the affected area.

Make sure you put on gloves before attempting to remove the stain, as bleach can harm your skin. This is important since bleach will remain active until neutralized. But if plain water doesn't work, use a bleach neutralizer to balance out the pH and then work to eliminate all signs of the spill. With these methods, you may not have to replace your carpet or have a professional look at it after all.

Use a bleach neutralizer

The first step is to use a bleach neutralizer, like an alkaline or acidic rinse, to offset the spilled bleach. Follow the instructions on the package, which often prompts you to mix the neutralizing crystals with hot water. You'll need a wet vacuum, too. Once you have your neutralizer prepared, pour the mixture over the stain, applying it only on the affected area. Let it sit for five minutes before using the vacuum to remove the residual mixture from your carpet. If you still notice the stain, repeat the steps until you're satisfied.

Once the stain disappears, let the carpet air dry. You can open the windows and employ a fan to speed up the drying process. Though this is an effective method to get bleach out of your carpet, it works best on fresh stains. If the stain has set in, you can try using water and distilled white vinegar. Just don't give in to the temptation of using dish soap to remove bleach, as its high pH is ineffective in eliminating the stain.

Create a white vinegar and water solution

Before creating a DIY solution to remove bleach from your carpet, remember that it might not work since the bleach isn't being neutralized. In case you'd like to give this method a try anyway, first blot the stain to remove as much bleach as possible. Combine 4 cups of warm water with 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. Pour this solution over the stain and let it sit for five minutes. After the time is up, dampen a sponge or cloth with cold water and use it to blot the stain, working your way from the outside in.

If you still notice discoloration, get a crayon that closely matches the fibers of your carpet. Color the bleached area, covering the base of the fibers. Finally, use a damp cloth to help it penetrate your carpet and blend in. Remember, this is a temporary fix and might come off with some wear and tear. In case none of the methods above work, it's time to call a professional and let them handle the bleach stain.