How To Use An Empty Plastic Water Bottle To Unclog Your Toilet

You flushed the toilet, but there's a blockage that won't go down, or perhaps after flushing, only a tiny pool of water resurfaced. Chances are there is a clog, and you need a plunger, but maybe the giant suction cup is nowhere to be found. This is a living nightmare, but there is no need to panic. There are ways to unclog your toilet if you don't have a plunger. You can even use household items lying around like a plastic water bottle.

The empty container creates pressure to free the drain, much like a plunger. The vacuum made by the bottle forces air and water down the pipe, clearing any debris. A two-liter bottle is best for this bathroom hack and perfect for dislodging minor blockages. It won't be much help for major clogs, but it's perfect for dislodging minor blockages. Before diving bottle-first into the toilet, grab a pair of rubber gloves. Your hands will be in the splash zone.

No plunger, no worries

If the toilet bowl is filled close to the rim, start by scooping out the excess water into a bucket. You want to avoid overflow onto the floors and mats. Next, take your empty plastic bottle, remove the cap, and lodge the mouthpiece into the toilet's opening. If the top of your bottle is too small to cover the toilet bowl's drainage hole, use the wider end of the bottle instead. To do this, twist the bottle cap on tightly and cut the base end of the plastic bottle.

Now, insert the open side of the plastic into the toilet and squeeze rapidly. This compression will build up pressure that shoots strong airflow down the drain. Repeat this process until the blockage is unclogged. After your water bottle plunge, you can pour hot water into the bowl to rinse any debris and test if it worked. However, do not use boiling water. Though this is a common hack for clogs, should never it use on your toilet, as it can cause permanent damage. The hot water should naturally run down the drain to level out the liquid in the bowl. Let it cool down before flushing, and your throne will be free to claim.