Easily Turn An Old Hurricane Vase Into Beautiful Fall Decor

As summer gives way to autumn and the temperature begins dropping, it's time to make some changes around your home and switch up the décor to welcome the transition with flair. While you can make subtle changes like swapping your pillows and coverings, placing cozy throws on sofas and accent chairs, and adding a pop of seasonal greenery to change over your house from summer to fall, there's an alternative way. Get your old hurricane vase and repurpose it using colorful items in your home, such as dried red beans, green peas, yellow corn kernels, and lentils to match autumn's earthy tones.

Traditionally employed for shielding candles and oil wicks from drafts, a hurricane vase is an elegant glass shade that can be used as a tabletop decoration in your living room, corridor, kitchen, or console table. All you need to do is add a pillar candle inside and pour in other decorative elements to bring autumn's brilliant colors indoors.

Upgrade your fall decor

First things first. Clean your old hurricane vase (though a thrifted hurricane lampshade will work as well – more on that in a moment!) and get a pillar candle from your stash or from your favorite retailer. Place the candle inside the hurricane vase, centering it in the opening. Don't forget to place it on a glass plate to seal off one end if you've decided to use a hurricane lampshade. It'll also make moving your display around easier without worrying about items falling out.

After you're done, decide on a color scheme for your autumn decorations. To create a fall-esque atmosphere in your home, incorporate the season's classic colors—think deep reds, golden yellows, burnt oranges, mellow greens, and earthy browns. Now, play around with natural autumn foliage like real leaves, neutral grasses, and corn husks.

Or you can get autumnal fillers, such as pinecones, acorns, small pumpkins, gourds, berries, colorful beads, rose hips, and other potpourri pieces, to fill up your hurricane vase. But if you'd like to keep things simple, try putting some moss or faux fruit at the bottom and wrapping fairy lights and fake leaves around the vase or candle for the perfect autumn décor piece. To keep the candle from dripping wax onto your décor items, consider giving it a saltwater bath.