The Property Brothers Swear By One Appliance Upgrade To Add Value To Your Home

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have redesigned several houses. Their HGTV shows "Buying & Selling," "Forever Home," "Brother Vs. Brother," and "Property Brothers at Home" capture the duo's renovation adventure transforming any and every space. You can trust your humble abode is in good hands with these twins. When it comes to that major renovation, Jonathan and Drew recommended splurging on one thing — energy-efficient appliances. 

You want the most bang for your buck. Heated floors and marble countertops are luxurious upgrades that aren't always necessary. However, buying energy-saving products is an investment that pays off and will add value to your home. Property owners are eligible for tax credits when they make the switch too. Plus, it helps conserve Mother Nature's resources and shaves bucks off your utility bill. While stainless steel styles and technology features are popular things to look out for, how the appliance uses energy is the most important factor.

Switch to energy-saving appliances

When upgrading your fridge, air conditioner, or boiler, energy-efficient appliances get the Property Brothers' approval. "If you're going to be upgrading anyway, why not get the latest tech and something that will lower your bills?" Drew Scott shared with Architecture Digest. The real estate guru uses SPAN panels to track the energy output of his home. The electrical center lets Drew control how long showers run and monitors the power every appliance draws.

However, you don't need a fancy control center to monitor and reduce energy usage. "There are smart devices as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb — allowing you to remotely control and schedule the power in your home to reduce electricity consumption," Jonathan Scott told Future of Business and Tech. There are environmentally-friendly refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers that will make a significant difference for your home and the planet.

Upgrading to Energy Star-certified appliances is a major way to help reduce your energy costs at home. However, you also save the planet.

Benefits of green appliances

Going green is the easiest way to save on your electric bill. You can lower your utilities cost by approximately 25% with conscious consuming appliances. Plus, there are federal initiatives to encourage you to make the energy-efficient switch. Homeowners can receive up to $3,200 yearly for fuel-saving upgrades like heat pump water heaters or central air conditioners. Use Energy Star Rebate Finder to see eligible refunds available when you purchase certified energy-efficient devices. The benefits on your bank account surely pay off, but so do the ones on the planet. These eco-friendly appliances reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Helping families and the environment is a passion close to Jonathan and Drew Scott's heart. Their production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, even released the film "Power Trip" to support the fight for solar energy. When it is time to replace old equipment, or you're looking for a renovation, consider energy-saving appliances.