The Unexpected Way To Use Deodorant In Your Closet

Our bedroom closets typically house our clothing, accessories, and shoes (unless we have a special shoe closet). And while they can look like an island of organization and order in our home, our shoes in particular might be an occasional source of odor. Unless you have a walk-in, closets are usually smaller rooms in most homes, so in that concentrated space, the smells can become overpowering.

We love this unexpected deodorant hack for your closet — choose your favorite scent and use it as a handy potpourri to freshen the cramped area. Since buying a new deodorant you've never used before can be a gamble, you might go with what you already like and double up — one for you and one for the closet. Here's a pro tip: you might want to combine this potpourri effect with an odor-free moisture absorber. Our fix is to start keeping an open jar of rice in your closet. It will absorb the humidity from the sweat left behind in your shoes after you take them off. Then the deodorant will create a yummy, familiar scent every time you open the door, leading to the perfect combination. 

How to use this hack

First, identify a scent you know for sure that you would enjoy smelling daily. Then find an out-of-the-way spot to place your deodorant, like on an upper shelf, so it won't get knocked over. This is important because, if it's not clear and it falls over, it could cause stains that may be difficult to remove from your wardrobe. Make sure you take off the top of the deodorant. In an instant, the floral or musky scent, though subtle, will permeate your closet.

Another option is to seek a stronger-scented or specialized deodorant, in which case we recommend you smell it first before purchasing if possible. Many products have an almost perfume-level scent that places them in a different category, sometimes with a price tag to match. If you want your closet to smell differently than the deodorant you wear, this is a solid option. One intriguing product is Milk + Honey's Cream Deodorant that comes in scents like coconut and vanilla. Another option is to choose a spray deodorant, which you can frequently spray directly onto your shoes. For some, this may be the better choice, as it will attack odors at the source instead of simply masking them.