How To Attract Snakes To Your Garden & Why You'd Want To

If the thought of walking out to your garden amidst slithering snakes makes your skin crawl, you're not alone. It's really too bad for them, but the fact remains: the sight of a snake strikes mortal fear into the hearts of many people. But if you didn't already know, snakes are quite beneficial in the garden. In fact, we've got so much cool snake info, by the time you finish reading this you just might change your mind! If you do, we'll also explain how you can attract snakes to your garden.

The bottom line is, most snakes do no harm to people, don't bother plants, and get rid of many unwanted pests in the garden. In Southern states, people covet homes with lots of snakes in the yard. However, they're generally shy creatures that don't care for us any more than we care for them. They prefer to hide out most of the time, unless they're hunting for prey. If threatened, startled, or handled, snakes emit an unpleasant odor designed to ward off predators.

How to attract snakes to your garden

If you're looking for ways to attract snakes to your space, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you're using only organic products on your property before attempting to draw in snakes. Once you know they'll be safe, make sure they have plenty of spots to hide, including allowing the grass to grow up higher than usual. You can also skip trimming the bushes perfectly. You won't want to let your yard go completely, but perhaps in the backyard you can mow and trim a little less often, at least around the garden.

Additionally, it might be time to put in that pond you've been thinking about. Snakes need a source of water where they hang out, so if not a pond, consider putting out a bowl of water that they can access easily. They like to hide out in hollow logs, rock piles, and even used tires. They will also seek warmth in the sun or under grass clippings, as long as they have somewhere to hide nearby. You can also try leaving dog or cat food outside to attract rodents, which will in turn attract snakes.

Why you should want snakes in your garden

Snakes get rid of grasshoppers, mice, rats, slugs, leeches, large insects, spiders, moles, voles, even bats! They do not dig holes, but use holes other animals dig instead. They don't chew on any plants or damage the landscape in any way. Additionally, the droppings they do leave make excellent fertilizer. The fact is, snakes can be a big help in an organic environment when it comes to protecting your plants. Grasshoppers and slugs are two major pests that plague gardeners everywhere, and they happen to be delicacies for snakes!

Whether you find them creepy or cute, snakes offer free pest control for our gardens, the way Mother Nature intended in the first place. They have an important role to play in our ecosystem. Of course, it pays to know which snakes can harm you and which ones can't, but you can rest assured that only about 20 percent of them are venomous. So if you run across one in your yard or garden, you may want to make the area even more hospitable for snakes.