The First Thing You Should Do When Cleaning Your Kitchen

Approaching your cleaning tasks with a plan of action can help cut down on time and stress, and your kitchen can definitely benefit from this. While the entire room should get attention, including hard-to-reach spots and kitchen appliances, one area should be placed at the top of your list. Tackling your countertops first is recommended because these areas not only harbor a big portion of the germs spread from food preparation but also because they take up such a large amount of your cooking space. Getting these surfaces scrubbed and sparkling first will set you up for success with the rest of your kitchen.

To help keep this task from becoming a big chore during a once-a-week or monthly deep clean, you can wipe down and sanitize countertops after every meal. This will combat bacteria and grease from building up, both of which can accumulate and multiply if left unchecked. Many reputable cleaning companies like Merry Maids recommend using a simple combination of dish soap and a clean cloth to wipe down your surfaces, avoiding harsh chemicals where you will eventually place more food items.

Start with the countertops and surfaces

Your kitchen countertops probably see the most action in this part of your home, with everything from groceries to cooking utensils being placed on them throughout the day. Each time you finish using these areas, give them a once-over with the dish detergent solution or an eco-friendly spray that will help neutralize germs and odors. Once every week, remove all the items from your counters and use a dry cloth to wipe away crumbs that might have fallen under coffee machines or other appliances, then follow up with a sanitizing regime.

In order to keep some semblance of a plan and make your tasks a little more precise, you can continue scrubbing and tidying the other large surfaces in your kitchen before moving on to another section. Your stovetop range, sink, and other flat areas can collect harmful bacteria, especially from outside sources like plastic bags or hands that haven't been washed before touching them. Clean counters also give you the opportunity to store pieces from around the room as you move and shuffle them to reach all the nooks and crannies.