Whatever Happened To Safe Grabs Microwave Mat After Shark Tank Season 8?

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Ever find yourself running for the faucet to cool your burning palms after carrying a bowl of freshly microwaved soup? Inventor Cyndi Lee had, and to solve the problem, she invented the silicone mat Safe Grabs. The 8-in-1 product can also serve as a place mat, a trivet, a jar opener, a food cover, a splash guard, a jar opener, a pot holder, and a kid's plate, and Lee demonstrated all of these uses and more when she appeared in Season 8, Episode 5 of "Shark Tank."

Originally, Cyndi Lee's invention was named Micro Easy Grab, and prior to her appearance on "Shark Tank," she had already sold out on QVC twice, won one of the shopping network's contests, and was featured on the "Steve Harvey Show." However, after rebranding the BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and heat-resistant (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) mat as Safe Grabs, Lee walked into the Sharks' Tank looking for an investment — of $75,000.

What happened to Safe Grabs on Shark Tank?

Cyndi Lee entered the Tank seeking $75,000 for a 12% stake in her company, Safe Grabs. Her personality and product dazzled the Sharks while her pitch was filled with just the perfect touch of humor. So much so that viewers voted Lee's Season 8, Episode 5 presentation as Pitch of the Week. However, Safe Grabs didn't interest all the investors.

Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, and Barabra Corcoran dropped out after receiving Lee's samples. Some didn't think she had a complete business and didn't see the growth potential. Despite the water emptying quickly, one Shark still circled. Lori Greiner offered Lee $75,000 for 30% of the company with the plan to launch Safe Grabs into the retail market.

The entrepreneur countered at 17%, and Greiner dropped to 25% for the original $75K. Lee tried again, asking for 20%, but the Shark stood firm at a quarter equity stake. Without any other offers on the table, Lee accepted Greiner's deal, hoping her 8-in-1 product would have a ninth use — making her a millionaire.

Safe Grabs after Shark Tank

The snazzy pitch Cyndi Lee delivered on "Shark Tank" actually came after auditioning three times for a spot on the show. The entrepreneur-turned-CEO is proof that perseverance and hard work pay off. After viewers saw Lee on air, many ran to the Safe Grabs website. With the company's fulfillment center being just Lee and her mother, the pair packaged all 120,000 units of the silicon mat.

A day after Safe Grabs aired on "Shark Tank," the product sold out on QVC. Lori Griener presented the multiuse kitchen tool on the national home shopping network. Griener sold 300,000 in less than 10 minutes, proving Lee didn't give away 25% of her business for nothing.

Within the year after Safe Grabs' Season 8 appearance, the company made $2.4 million in sales. Lee shared an update on her life and the company in Season 9 of "Shark Tank." "'Shark Tank' has allowed me to live my life, and get out of debt, and be financially set," said Lee. "What more could you ask for?"

Is Safe Grabs still in business?

Cyndi Lee is still the CEO of Safe Grabs, and since her "Shark Tank" appearance, her product line has grown. Along with the original Safe Grabs microwave mat, you can also now shop for Safe Grabs kitchen towels. These lint-free and quick-drying accessories are 100% cotton and made in the USA.

At one time, there were even more items in the Safe Grabs lineup, such as the Safe Pack Bundles and Butterfly Mitts. The mitts were an update to the standard pot holder. They featured an engraved butterfly design and were non-stick and heat-resistant. The Safe Pack Bundles, meanwhile, came with Safe Grabs' signature 8-in-1 mat and a pair of mitts. However, as of early 2023, the Safe Grabs mitts and bundles are no longer in production.  

Safe Grabs does approximately $5 million in sales. Its main product, the microwave mat, has a 96% rate of five-star reviews, and is sold on Amazon and the Safe Grabs website. It is one of the most successful "Shark Tank" products and is featured on Lori Greiner's website as well.

What's next for Safe Grabs' founder?

Safe Grabs and Cyndi Lee are still going strong with the American dream. While growing her business, Lee still connects to the "Shark Tank" family. She attended the 2019 Shark Tank Reunion, where other "Shark Tank" favorites like the versatile cleaning sponge Scrub Daddy and magnetic wall stickers GoodHangups were also present. Lee's entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit is evident through her company. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, for example, Safe Grabs stepped up, raising funds to supply hospitals with medical-grade masks. It's no wonder the small business has grown into something huge and still has so much to offer. 

Lee doesn't appear to work outside of Safe Grabs. Her LinkedIn only highlights her role as CEO of the company. Detailing her story on the Safe Grabs site, Lee shared, "It's full throttle now and working harder than ever to execute my dream!" Perhaps that means more kitchen products are in the works.