The Collapsable IKEA Find That Will Revolutionize The Way You Do Your Laundry

The best thing about washing and drying your clothes in commercial machines is their speed and convenience. You can sometimes adjust the heat level of a dryer to heat or no heat, depending on the make and model. But it's not always appropriate to toss certain items in the dryer, since this appliance can reach temperatures of between 125 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This is too high for socks, undergarments, and handkerchiefs, as well as items made out of silk or other delicate fabrics and clothes that are so small that they dry quickly and then overdry during a full cycle. Luckily, there's a convenient solution for air-drying fabrics that are too sensitive for the dryer. Called the IKEA PRESSA, this item is a collapsible set that's covered in plastic clothespins and made for drying small items.

For many of us, space in the laundry room is at a premium, particularly for apartment dwellers. When you've done a few loads of laundry, it's not always practical to drape the smaller or more delicate pieces on multiple hangers scattered all over your laundry room or on a space-hogging wooden rack in another room. If you hand wash, dry your delicates quickly without wringing them out, which we recommend right before you hang them up on the PRESSA. 

How the PRESSA works

The IKEA PRESSA hanging dryer is an octopus-shaped set of 16 plastic clothespins in a light turquoise color — in fact, it even has two painted eyes that really make it look like a sea creature. This product is made to prevent delicates from getting fried in the dryer. When folded up, this piece is small enough to store in the cupboard below your sink, making it easy to put away. To make the piece ready for storage, simply press all the arms upward. Then, when you need to use it again, push them back down so that they extend out horizontally from the middle.

There are eight arms with two clips per arm to hang clothes. This is perfect for children's garments, socks, undergarments, lightweight silk shirts, or any other small items that shouldn't go in the dryer but would also slip right off a regular drying rack. All you need to do after you've opened each arm is to hang the unit from a clothes rack, a tension rod, or the shower head in your bathroom. This simple piece could help you create a more functional laundry room.