The Dental Floss Cleaning Hack That'll Help You Get Into Tight Spaces

Dental floss is essential to maintaining oral health. While brushing your teeth daily is crucial, the bristles on a toothbrush seldom reach the crevices between your teeth. This is where floss comes in. Dental floss is a thin but strong string that helps you clean the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth to get rid of built-up bacteria and stuck food particles. And it turns out you can use floss in much the same way for other tight situations as well, especially around the home.

With a thickness that ranges between 17 to 30 microns (micrometers), it can be used to reach tight spots, such as between a Command Strip and a wall. Another hack? Cleaning the dust and debris that's accumulated between the keys of your keyboard. You can even use dental floss to clean the narrow slits in wood furniture, stovetops, and counters. What's more, because dental floss is made out of synthetic waxed nylon or Teflon, you won't have to worry about the string tearing apart during a cleanup.

Things to clean with dental floss

As mentioned, dental floss can reach the crevices in wood furniture and clean out the gunk underneath mechanical keyboards that a regular dusting or cleaning routine can't achieve. To employ the dental floss cleaning hack, twine some floss around your index fingers and hold it tight. Now, guide it into tight spaces and use it to floss nooks and crannies in your furniture and underneath your keyboard to remove all the stuck debris and built-up dust. Ensure you shut down your laptop or computer before flossing the keyboard to avoid accidentally pressing any buttons.

You can also use this dental floss cleaning hack to drag out the dirt and debris sitting underneath your beloved piano keys. Further, this hack can also be employed to remove mineral deposits and other buildup from the base of your taps and faucet handles. However, avoid flushing the dirty floss down your toilet once you're done with the cleanup since this could cause issues for your plumbing system.