The DIY Cereal Box Hack That's Perfect For Organizing Tupperware

Need help keeping your Tupperware collection under control? Don't throw that cereal box in the recycling just yet — this common kitchen item holds the secret to organizing your Tupperware lids. A cereal box can hold a lot of lids, without you needing to buy anything extra. All you need to do is cut away the top of the box diagonally. You want the end result to look like a magazine file box. Of course, you could also buy a magazine file box for this hack, but we love reusing things and saving money whenever possible.

With the top removed, you can store various Tupperware lids inside — much easier to reach than digging around at the bottom of a drawer. To really get organized, try this hack with several cereal boxes, so you can organize the lids in each by size or type. Cereal boxes tend to fit well in kitchen cabinets, so it'll be easy to find space for your newly-organized lids.

Tips for getting the best results

You'll want a clean box for this kitchen hack. Even though the bag inside should contain most of the cereal debris, choose the box from a non-sugary cereal, since it's less likely to have sticky residue left behind. Use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to wipe out the box before you put it to use. Pick a larger box if you want to hold more lids at once. If you don't like the used cardboard look, try wrapping the box in fabric, self-adhesive paper, or gift wrap, hiding the cereal logos. You can even store the box with the lids facing inward, reducing visual clutter on your shelf while still making those lids easy to reach.

Make sure to sort through your Tupperware lids before you commit them to the box. If they don't match up with any Tupperware bottoms in your house, donate or recycle the extras. Get rid of any lids that are damaged, cracked, or otherwise too worn to be of use. This hack is also great for corralling stray papers. Cut other cereal boxes to hold important mail, recipe notebooks, and other paper clutter. By using vertical space, a cereal box holder frees up room in your home and keeps pesky lids and other things organized for good.