The Laundry Room Staple You'll Want To Use To Mop Your Floors

If you have wood, tile, or any other type of hard flooring, then you're no stranger to mopping. This routine cleaning practice removes sticky residue left by spills, germs, and grease that accumulates from daily life. While mopping may not be your favorite activity, it is important, and luckily you don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy cleaning products to get your floors in pristine shape. In fact, you can make a homemade mopping solution with laundry detergent using this cleaning hack.

Many laundry products are safe and effective for cleaning around the house. For example, try using fabric softener when mopping to prevent static buildup and to have your floors smelling great. However, laundry detergent is wonderful for tackling dirt because of its enzymes that dissolve oil, and when paired with a dishwasher pod, it works even better. For this cleaning solution, you only need laundry detergent, a dishwasher pod, Fabuloso, and hot water. Just don't forget to vacuum or sweep the floor first before mopping, otherwise you will just swish around dust bunnies.

Cleaning hack: Mopping with laundry detergent

As made popular by @momthatlovestoclean on TikTok, in a mop bucket, drop in 1 tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent, one dishwasher pod, and 1 tablespoon of Fabuloso. Then, fill the container with hot water. The water should be as hot as possible, but not boiling, so the detergent can dissolve. You also need to use enough water, as it is a strong solution that needs to be diluted.

"When you put too much soap in your mop water, the surfactants in the soap run out of dirt to stick to and attach to the floor instead, leaving a slippery, streaky, dirt-attracting residue that has to be rinsed off," Melissa Homer, chief cleaning officer for MaidPro, told Family Handyman. It may be tempting to add an extra sprinkle of detergent for more cleaning power, but a little goes a long way.

Once your solution is ready, simply mop as usual. The Fabuloso leaves a fresh scent, while the detergents eliminate grime. Flush that dirty mop water down the drain or toilet and enjoy your shiny floors. Remember to clean your mop head afterward so it's ready for when you need it next.