The Simple Way Bobby Berk Adds A Touch Of Drama To Any Kitchen

Bobby Berk has made a career out of designing spaces people love — with a particular penchant for the spaces used on a daily basis. It only makes sense, then, that when it comes to the kitchen, he's a big fan of going all out. However, as it turns out, in Berk's view, creating a little drama in a kitchen can be as simple as swapping out the faucet.  

Faucets are one of the easier things to change in a kitchen, so if you're looking to switch things up without going for a total remodel, they're a great option. And, as noted by Berk himself, doing so can make a bigger impact than one might realize. However, that's not to say he's a fan of elaborate, intricate, and over-the-top faucets. In sticking with what he's said in the past about adding drama to a room in subtle ways by paying attention to color and texture, his advice for creating an interesting focal point in your kitchen is decidedly pared back. 

Opt for a black faucet

Speaking to Delta Faucet, Bobby Berk shared that his favorite way to add some "oomph" to a kitchen was with matte black faucets. "It makes it sexy and masculine, and kind of like a tuxedo for your kitchen," he explained at the time. Simple, yet bold ... and, as luck would have it, relatively inexpensive. While price points for matte black faucets vary, Amazon offers several options under $50.

If you're concerned about the black faucet matching the hardware on your cabinets or if the appliances in your kitchen are all already stainless steel, Berk has a piece of cost-saving advice there, too. For starters, he told Delta Faucet that choosing black won't automatically make anything look out of place, and may even help you curate a more unique-looking space. That's especially true if you favor a contemporary feel. "You can really have a no-holds-barred relationship to materials with mixed metals, and colorful schemes, or more controlled palettes that are more tonal or restricted to a single accent color or metal finish," Berk said.