The Hack That'll Extend The Reach Of Your Gardening Loppers

When it's time to prune your trees and bushes, there is always a branch just out of reach that is too difficult to remove. Perhaps you are trying to create a more attractive shape, or maybe the branch is damaged. Whatever the reason, it has to go and you need your loppers to do the job. It can be challenging to reach the higher parts of larger trees and bushes, but there are a few ways to do it. You could always use a ladder, but not all of us are comfortable climbing up to get those branches in tricky spots. Ladders can also be a hazard on uneven or rain-soaked soil. When you find yourself in need of longer loppers, PVC pipe might be a simple solution.

If you are already buying new loppers, it's a good idea to select an option that offers extendable handles. These are more expensive and are sometimes a little finicky to use if the handles do not lock tightly when extended. However, if you already own a good set of loppers, you might only need to spend a few bucks to make them longer with this handy hack. 

Use PVC pipe to extend your loppers

This quick and cheap hack just requires a few basic supplies. You'll need a PVC pipe that is just large enough to fit over your loppers. So if your handles are 1 inch in diameter, look for 1 ¼ inch pipe. You will also need something to cut the pipe. A manual miter saw will do the trick, or you can use a jigsaw. If you have a pipe cutter, you will get an extra clean cut. Use what you have to trim your PVC pipe to length.

Today's Homeowner states you can extend your loppers by up to three feet with this hack, but if you don't need that much length, you can cut the pipe to the best length for you. Slip the PVC over your handles and you are ready to start pruning. If you have a lot of pruning to do, you can secure the pipe to your loppers with duct tape, to make sure the handles stay firmly in place.