Cleaning Sliding Glass Doors Just Got So Much Easier With This Swiffer Hack

If wiping down windows was fun or easy, it wouldn't be the one thing cleaning services routinely shy away from. And yet, dirty windows are something that can cast a pall over your whole room. Sliding glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home and bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living spaces, but they're basically giant windows. Worse yet, kids or pets in your home virtually guarantee those sliding glass doors are regularly covered in slobber and greasy prints. In some cases, you may even have to clean the glass doors every single day.

The good news is that TikTok has come through with a cleaning hack to make washing those sliding glass doors easier than ever. Forget straining your back when trying to reach up high or hurting your knees when scrubbing down low, because this tip allows you to remain comfortably standing. With just a Swiffer or similar off-brand product, you can wipe your sliding glass door clean with just a few swipes.

How to clean your sliding glass door with a Swiffer

If you don't have a Swiffer, the Dollar Tree sells a product that is essentially the same thing, and it works the same way. However, the Dollar Tree alternative has velcro on the broom head to further prevent the cleaning cloth from shifting during use. This is especially helpful for how you're going to use it to clean your sliding glass doors, so this product might be worth the investment even if you already have a brand-name Swiffer at home.

Instead of using one of the disposable cleaning sheets that are typically used with a Swiffer, you're going to tie a microfiber cleaning cloth around the broom head using the corners of the cloth as ties. Spray your glass cleaner either over the expanse of the door or onto the microfiber cloth itself. Then, simply swipe your Swiffer up and down and side to side across the glass until the smudges are eliminated. No need to scrub your sliding glass doors by hand anymore, and they come out sparkling clean and smudge-free in a fraction of the time. This hack could also work for your windows and large mirrors as well.