Forget Sachets Of Lavender - Kitty Litter Is All You Need To Keep Closets Smelling Fresh

Closets have a tendency to have a musty odor, even if you keep up with your laundry and dry cleaning. They seem to give off a faint stale odor, especially if certain pieces are rarely used. But that scent is usually inevitable, and it's because closets are small spaces with very little air circulation. This is especially true if they're stuffed to the gills, since even less air can move between the cramped items. Smells get trapped inside, and they envelop everything in the space, making it smell stale. The mustiness can also be a sign of high moisture in your wardrobe, often an indication of poor insulation. Whatever the cause, you need to find a solution to combat that, and stat. But rather than using traditional lavender sachets, why not use kitty litter instead?

Rather than adding a pleasant scent over the musty one, the litter will instead absorb the foul odor, ensuring your clothes smell clean rather than stale. This hack is especially handy if you are a cat owner and have a massive bag of litter stored in the pantry. Rather than buying fancy new flower sachets, you can just DIY your own. Here's how.

How to make kitty litter sachets

Kitty litter is a helpful tool to use in your closet because it's a deodorizer. That means it doesn't simply mask smells; it nixes them. That's because it's often made with odor-zapping ingredients, such as activated charcoal or baking soda. After all, one of the main jobs of kitty litter is to keep bathroom smells at bay, so it only makes sense that it can help neutralize odors. 

To create your own DIY deodorizer, you don't necessarily have to open a bag of litter and sit it in the corner. Instead, grab an old sock (or one you have lost the pair for) and pour 1 cup of litter inside. Tie it at the top, and put it in strategic areas in your closet. You can put it in your shoe cabinet, next to thick sweaters that tend to absorb moisture, or heavy suits and coats. Also put a sock in the back of the closet, where air circulation is minimal. The litter will soak up any musty odors, leaving you with a fresh and clean wardrobe. Just be sure to switch out the litter every few months to ensure it's still absorbent.