Cucumber Is The Secret Weapon You Need For A Happy And Healthy Garden

Do the plants in your garden seem less vibrant than they could be? Do they look like they could use a little boost? The answer to optimal plant growth might lie in your vegetable patch or kitchen. A cucumber is your secret weapon when it comes to having a happy and healthy garden. Cucumbers can be used in multiple ways to repel pests and to help your plants bloom and grow to the fullest extent.

Cucumbers are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial to plants. Cucumbers contain high amounts of potassium, which aids in delivering water and nutrients through the plant from the roots to the leaves. They also contain phosphorus, which helps plants to convert sunlight into energy. Phosphorus also aids in making roots sturdy, quickens growth, and helps plants to withstand the winter. Watering your plants with cucumber water will help them reap the benefits of these nutrients. 

How to use cucumbers to help your plants

To make cucumber water, peel off the skin of your cucumber. Place it into a container with a lid and fill it with water. You'll want to soak your peels for about five days. After the peels are done soaking, pour the water out into your soil. It's recommended that you do this once every three weeks. You'll want to make sure you hang onto your peels, and you can use them in two different ways.

You can place the peels directly on top of your plant's soil, this will repel insects like ants and mites, or you can burn the peels into ash and spread this in the soil to help them absorb all that good stuff. Dry your peels on a piece of tin foil in the sun and then place them in a fire-safe container and use a match or lighter to set them on fire and turn them into ash. You can pour that ash directly into your soil. This releases the nutrients into your soil at a faster rate.