A Pool Noodle Is The Secret To Keeping Your Garage Neat And Organized

If we don't make an effort to organize our garages, they can easily become overrun with tools, lawn equipment, old furniture, and just about everything else we don't have room for in other rooms. But buying storage pieces and other organization items to makeover our garage might not be in your budget. Not to fret! The answer to tidying up your garage is at the dollar store! All you need is a pool noodle.

You can use a sliced pool noodle affixed to your garage wall to easily store brooms, mops, and fishing poles. This prevents all your long-handled items and other tools from sitting in a pile or getting lost somewhere in the garage. This pool noodle hack will ensure you always know where each item is and can help prolong their lifespan by preventing them from getting scratched up or otherwise wrecked. The hack was featured on Rachel Ray Show by master organizer Peter Walsh (via YouTube), where it was declared to be "genius!"

How to make a pool noodle garage organizer

To recreate this pool noodle hack, you'll need a single pool noodle, a utility knife, a screw gun, and a few screws that will penetrate and stand strong in whatever type of wall your garage walls are made out of. First, you'll lay your pool noodle down lengthwise and cut some vertical slices into it with your utility knife. Next, you'll screw your pool noodle to the wall. You can wedge your screw gun between the cuts you made and through the back of the hollow pool noodle to catch a good angle. 

If you're using a solid pool noodle, you can slice it in half lengthwise and screw right through it and into the wall. Make sure your pool noodle is firm in place. Then, you'll load it up with whatever items you want to organize. Now, your garage will look orderly with your rakes or long shovels standing upright and having their own place to live. This hack can also work in a pantry closet or wherever else you store items like mops.