The Genius Pool Noodle Hack That Comes In Handy When Cleaning Your Gutters

Your home is built to withstand a lot of environmental conditions, but that doesn't mean it's indestructible. One of the ways that we protect our homes is by adding gutters to the framework. Gutters are high up on the priority scale when it comes to shielding the home from potential water damage by rain. They collect and direct away rainfall from the structure to protect the house's integrity, and they also hold fallen leaves and other forms of debris. 

If you fail to clean them regularly, then these objects can accumulate, eventually blocking the gutter. One little problem that tends to occur during a gutter cleaning is that the ladder you use to climb up there scrapes on your gutters, leaving indentations and being too downright frightening and unstable to lean on comfortably. When that happens, it's time to pop out the pool noodles.

Cleaning the gutters is a non-negotiable task. Blockage in your gutters can lead to erosion of your property, pest infestations, and a leaky roof, and it can also build up enough that it becomes a fire hazard. This genius pool noodle hack will come in handy when it's that time of the year again to flush out those gutters — without the risk of falling off the ladder or damaging the gutters.

Create a pool noodle clamp to go on your ladder

Pool noodles can be used for a wide range of quick fixes in the home and cleaning your shutters and gutters are on that list. If you typically find yourself twisting and tumbling on a shaky ladder or scraping the gutters with it, then it's pool noodle or bust.

TikTok DIY hack page @hometalk walks viewers through how to ensure your ladder stays steady and safe by using a pool noodle as a buffer against the gutter. First, get a sharp blade or knife and cut a piece off a normal pool noodle. The piece should be around a foot long. Then, slice it down on one side to make it able to grip onto things. Clamp it down on either side of the ladder where the ladder touches the surface of the gutter. 

This will shield the gutter from any damage from the ladder and also provide some stability for you while you take care of business. Since you should be clearing your gutters at least twice a year, it'll be in your best interest to keep some pool noodles handy for the job.