You're Likely Not Cleaning Your Birdbath Often Enough

Having a birdbath in your yard can be the perfect way to attract some beautiful winged wildlife to your home. However, what some people may not know is that you can't just simply fill the basin once and leave the rest up to Mother Nature. Instead, you need to stick to a regular cleaning schedule of at least twice a week so that your birdbath stays fresh and welcoming for your neighborhood feathered friends. 

If left unclean, your birdbath will turn into a breeding ground for algae, bacteria, and even mold, which would not be ideal for birds who are looking for a rest area to have a drink. Because these basins are left in the outdoor elements, they are prone to getting dirty with fallen debris such as leaves, seeds, sticks, or even bird feces. Birds are put off by the look of stagnant, filthy water and will avoid this rest stop if it seems as though it will cause more harm than good for them.

Although a twice-a-week cleaning of your birdbath is recommended, this suggestion can vary depending on a number of different factors. If your birdbath is very popular, it may get dirtier quicker than most with discarded seeds and bird feces, so you might have to up your cleaning routine to every other day. Also, if it's placed in an area of your property where there are plenty of trees, then you should try to do a daily scoop of debris from your birdbath.

Other reasons to regularly clean your birdbath

Ensuring a pristine environment to entice birds to flock to your yard can be grounds enough to regularly keep your birdbath sparkling, but there are a few other reasons why staying on top of this cleaning schedule is incredibly important. For starters, stagnant unclean water is the ideal environment for pesky mosquitoes to lay their eggs and multiply, so you should do everything you can to discourage their breeding areas. 

Additionally, if you leave algae, dirt, or grime to build up in your birdbath, they can easily stain certain materials and become more difficult to clean. Once these stains have set in, it will take a more time-consuming vigorous deep clean to get the birdbath pristine, so a more frequent washing will ensure that it stays dirt and stain-free. A regularly scheduled rinsing will also keep it looking visually appealing in the yard for your guests and passersby instead of creating a filthy eyesore.

To retain your birdbath's cleanliness for as long as possible, there are several things you can do. One is to place it in an area that is away from animal feeders. This way, spilled or chewed up seeds won't land and gather in the bath. Positioning it in an area that is shady can also limit the growth of algae. If you have a tree that loses needles or leaves regularly, then make certain your birdbath is not directly underneath it so you can avoid debris build-up.