Sprinkle This Unexpected Spice Inside Your Bird Feeder To Keep Pesky Squirrels Away

Around 59 million of us use bird feeders, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. While they're beneficial for birds, they come with some downsides. For example, sometimes, you may find that your bird feeder attracts unwanted guests, such as squirrels. Thankfully, there's a solution to this problem. All you need is one magic ingredient. So, what is it exactly? 

Rather than wasting time testing other methods to ward off squirrels, you can instead use some cayenne pepper to deter these mischievous creatures once and for all. While it may seem like a strange thing to do, you may be surprised by the outcome once you try the method for yourself. If you have one or several bird feeders dotted around your garden, this method will be perfect. If you have some cayenne pepper on hand, even better. So, how exactly can you incorporate this spice into your bird feeder?

Use some cayenne pepper

To ward off squirrels from your bird feeder, you'll want to incorporate some cayenne pepper in your bird feeder. Speaking to Homes & Gardens, CEO of Pest Pointers Zack DeAngelis explains the best way you can do so. "Squirrels will generally steer clear of cayenne pepper and any similar spice. You'll want to make sure that all the birdseed is evenly coated with cayenne pepper. Just make sure to reapply after it rains." You do not need to go overboard with the amount you use. A little can go a long way, so it's best to start small and work your way up if you need to. You should be able to get a sense of what is right by observing your bird feeder and how both the birds and squirrels respond to it. 

As a result of incorporating some cayenne pepper, you will notice a change in the amount of squirrels visiting your garden. Just make sure to keep an eye on your garden. Of course, always remember to top it up, too, and wash your bird feeder regularly to keep it in good condition. However, why does this trick actually work so well?

The spice is key

When it comes to using this method, the spice is the key and is the main reason why this hack works so well. The lurking squirrels don't like the taste or smell, which may be somewhat overpowering, as they have the correct receptors to sense it. This will naturally help to deter them from your feeder without any further intervention on your behalf. You can even use cayenne pepper to help deter other pests in your garden. To make things easier, use a powder version of the spice so it is easy to work with. This will also give you more control over how much you use. 

Now you have a spicy bird feeder and can keep up the maintenance; you should notice a drop-off in the number of squirrels paying a visit. However, please exercise caution when using this hack as this may be a hazard for local wildlife and stray domesticated animals. If you don't, you can always try adding a bit more to your bird feeder to see if it makes a difference. However, don't just throw any old spice on there. If you're going to try something else, it is vital that you check whether it's safe for birds.