The Hack That'll Make Staining In Tight Spaces So Much Easier

Whether you're saving money on a beautiful wood piece by buying it unfinished and staining it yourself or just rehabbing an older find, applying wood stain can be both an incredibly rewarding and a highly stressful project. Wood stains have the tendency to get everywhere, on everything, and yet, not unlike painting, it can seem almost impossible to get inside and around very tight curves, corners, and grooves. Something as simple as a chair, if it has a spindled back, can be a nightmare to get right, to say nothing of an intricately carved piece of furniture or decor.

Luckily, there's an easy hack for this that will make these hard-to-reach places infinitely easier to cover, ensuring you get exactly the look you want out of your wood. By making a cheap sprayer to apply the stain, not only will you save yourself untold time and frustration, but you'll also guarantee that your stain project will achieve full, even coverage on your piece.

Put your wood stain in a spray bottle

To make sure your wood stain gets into all those hard-to-reach areas of the piece you're working on, simply put it into a basic spray bottle. You're going to want to make sure the bottle is clean and unused, but thankfully, you can get new spray bottles of various sizes at any Dollar Tree or other general discount store.

Pour some of your stain into the spray bottle and seal it tightly. Then, liberally spray the stain into all those crooks and crevices and around all the tight curves. While normally, you would use a rag to apply your stain to the wood, after you spray on the stain, you're going to use that rag to wipe away the excess. All those pesky intricate spots will be covered by the spray and wipe away process but in a fraction of the time. Then, simply let your piece dry as directed. You can do this for as many coats as necessary, and it will also work with the final sealing and varnishing steps.