The Pool Noodle Hack You Need To Make A Bunk Bed Ladder More Comfortable

Bunk beds are a classic childhood favorite that have never gone out of style, and sleeping on the top bunk has always held a certain amount of cachet. It's unquestionably cool. One thing that has never been very cool, though, is how much those bunk bed ladders can hurt the bottom of your feet. Climbing up and down repeatedly can be painful, especially on your arches. Thankfully, there's a simple hack for improving the comfort level of those ladder rungs, and it involves a pool noodle. It's a small tweak but a significant one that will make those late night bathroom trips — and every other bunk bed climb — a lot easier to accomplish.

Surprisingly, pool noodles can be useful around the house in a variety of ways. They can be used to adapt all sorts of items into more comfortable, user friendly, or aesthetically-pleasing iterations. So it's no surprise they can help make your child's bunk bed ladder more comfortable, too. This hack is very easy to complete and only requires a pool noodle, scissors or a knife, and some tape.

Cover ladder rungs with a pool noodle

To create a cushiony cover for those bunk bed ladder rungs, just pick up a pool noodle from your local dollar store. Measure the length of the rungs between the vertical supports of the ladder, and mark this length along your pool noodle once for each rung. Cut these sections with kitchen scissors or a large, serrated knife, then make a long slit across the length of each piece that only goes as far as the inner hole of the noodle.

Fit the section onto the rungs with the slit facing downwards, then roll tape entirely around the rung's circumference and length. Duct tape works great for this, especially since it comes in so many exciting colors and patterns. It will allow you to add a colorful flair to the rung cushions that makes a statement and highlights your child's personality. Once the tape is securely fastened and the pool noodle cushions don't shift under the weight of your child's feet, it should be good for all their rough and tumble play. However, keep in mind that these rung covers could slide around or twist underfoot, which may be a safety hazard. It's important to secure the pool noodles as tightly as possible and to ensure the ladder is safe for climbing before your kids use it.