Cut Through Dusty Blind Buildup With This One Common Solution

Window blinds allow you to control the amount of light (and UV rays) that enters your home, and they offer more privacy than window panes. However, while juggling so many responsibilities, blinds can get dusty over time. This grimy buildup will affect your household's air quality and the window treatment's life span. Moreover, if left untreated, this dusty blind buildup will invite harmful germs, as well as become more difficult to clean and maintain. But don't worry. There's a one-ingredient solution to this dirt problem. Simply grab some rubbing alcohol from your cabinets and either spray it directly on the blinds or spritz it on a microfiber cloth to clean them.

Rubbing alcohol is an ideal solution to clean blinds since it can cut through dirty buildup, as well as kill any germs lurking on your window's blinds. Better yet, this solution dries up quickly, so it won't leave behind stains or drip down your floors.

Rubbing alcohol is the ideal solution

To clean your home's dusty blinds, close the slats, spritz rubbing alcohol onto them, and then wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth or an old sock. Alternatively, you can spray the alcohol on a clean microfiber cloth and rub it against the slats directly. While both these methods will help you effectively clean dirty window blinds, they might make it difficult to reach between the window slats to scrub them thoroughly.

For this task, you can soak a clean microfiber cloth in rubbing alcohol and wrap it around a spatula. Secure the cloth with an elastic or rubber band and use your DIY cleaning wand to get rid of built-up dirt and dust on and between the slats. In case you don't have a spatula handy, you can always use that old sock again. Simply, pull the sock over your hand after dipping it in rubbing alcohol and use your fingers to wipe across the length of each of the slats. Don't forget to put on a latex glove first to protect your hands from the alcohol.