A Sprinkle Of This Popular Spice Will Keep Roaches Out Of Your House

With so many decadent scents floating through your kitchen each day, it's easy to see why pests like cockroaches find their way inside and look for a delicious meal. They are especially drawn to smells like grease, meat, cheese, sugar, and starch, which are all extremely common kitchen aromas. 

Cinnamon is another common ingredient that provides a strong smell; however, it works the exact opposite way from the others. Rather than attracting cockroaches, the spice repels them. This trait makes cinnamon the perfect do-it-yourself cockroach deterrent — not to mention that it will fill your home with a lovely, cozy aroma.

Unlike store-bought insect repellents, this method is 100% natural, making it safe for homeowners and their pets. The cinnamon hack is also easily accessible and extremely affordable. Since cinnamon is a key component of most home spice racks, you likely already have it on hand and can initiate this hack in a matter of minutes.

Setting up the hack

First things first: Identify the areas of your home where you most often find cockroaches and other insects like fruit flies. Kitchens and entrances, such as doors and windows, are common roach-sighting spots. Once you know all of the areas you need to target, you can gather the materials you need. For this hack, you will need cinnamon, which, if it isn't already in your cupboard, can be purchased at your local grocery store or convenience store for just a few bucks. While you can also apply the cinnamon directly to a home surface, you may also use a bowl or other open container to keep the spice more contained.

Once you have your cinnamon and a bowl (if using one), and you have identified your target areas, it's time to initiate the hack. Simply sprinkle the cinnamon on or around the target areas, or put a few spoonfuls of the spice in a bowl and set it up in the desired part of your home. You can make as many or as few DIY deterrents as you wish, whether it's one on your kitchen counter or a dozen throughout your home.

Other ways to make it work

While it is a very common kitchen spice, not everyone has cinnamon in their cabinets, and not everyone wants to buy it if they don't typically use it. That being said, there are other forms of the spice that homeowners may have, whether it's cinnamon sticks in a potpourri or cinnamon oil in the medicine cabinet. Since cinnamon itself is just ground sticks, you can either blend the sticks up and use the powder or simply leave the sticks themselves out. As for cinnamon oil, carefully pour it into a spray bottle and apply the mist directly to an area. All of these versions of cinnamon have the same effect on cockroaches because they contain eugenol, which causes the spice's strong scent.

You should be cautious when using any of these forms of cinnamon. Although cinnamon is natural, too much of a good thing can be bad. Make sure you do not inhale the cinnamon or the powder of grinded-up sticks when initiating this hack. Cinnamon oil is also dangerous because it can cause burning and irritation if it comes into direct contact with the skin or eyes.