The Aluminum Foil Hack That Makes Sure Your Command Strips Are Firmly Pressed

Since their products first hit the market in 1996, the Command brand has become a household name. From installing college dorm decorations to hanging picture frames and utility hooks, people take advantage of all of the different purposes that come with the brand's adhesive hanging strips and hooks. Some have even begun finding their own ways to get the most out of the products.

One of the most popular Command products, velcro strips are used to secure two items together, like a flat canvas and a wall. However, many struggle to secure the wall adhesive when lining up where they would like their decoration to go. It needs time to fully adhere to the wall before taking on any weight. Fortunately, there is an aluminum foil hack that allows you to perfectly line up your velcro Command Strips and makes sure that they are as secure as can be. All you need are 3M Command Strips and a small piece of aluminum foil, making this hack affordable and easily accessible.

How aluminum foil works

It is important to keep in mind the item you are hanging up. Different 3M Command Strips can withstand different weights, and you can use multiple to add more strength and stability. Once you have the appropriate strips for your project, you can begin initiating the hack. Beau Reviews Awesomeness walks users through the steps in his demonstration video, saying, "It's going to look a little weird, but I guarantee you, it's going to save you some frustration." 

First, remove one side of the strip (or strips) to reveal the adhesive, and firmly push and secure it onto the item you are hanging up. Next, carefully lift the top piece of velcro to detach it while still keeping the two half-moon-shaped flaps at the end together. Sandwich a small piece of aluminum foil between the two velcro pieces, peel off the remaining adhesive cover, and place the item on the desired part of your wall. Press firmly, then remove the decoration. 

When you take the item down, the wall adhesive should remain on the wall, rather than clinging onto the other side of the velcro and coming off with it. Now, just allow it enough time to fully attach to the wall before bearing any weight. Discard the aluminum foil, line the velcro pieces up with one another, and enjoy your new and easy-to-hang decor!