An Easy Fix For A Toilet Seat That Won't Stay Up

Have you ever been relaxing in your home, and heard the startling sound of the toilet seat suddenly slamming down in the nearby bathroom? Or worse, been about to use said toilet when the seat comes clanging down? It's one thing for a toilet seat to shift sideways, but a toilet seat that constantly falls down can be seriously inconvenient, especially when it happens at inopportune moments. But before you decide to replace your toilet seat altogether, know that there's an easy trick for keeping a temperamental toilet seat in place — all you need are some small foam blocks to re-balance your tank.

Your initial instinct when fixing a toilet seat that falls might be to look at the hinges, and while these are sometimes the culprit, oftentimes the issue actually lies with the stability of the toilet tank. If the tank isn't in the right position, the toilet seat won't be able to lean at the proper angle, causing it to fall forward. Fortunately, you can usually correct this issue with this clever fix, courtesy of the YouTube contributor Live Free. Moreover, the hack requires no tools or prior DIY experience.

Stabilize the tank

For this easy hack, you will need to get a styrofoam block and a sharp tool, such as a knife or kitchen scissors. Start by assessing the issue with your toilet. Place the seat up and observe how it falls, paying particular attention to the angle of the tank. You may also want to gently rock the tank, and see if it's loose — if the seat is falling, odds are you'll be able to slightly rock the tank. Hold the tank at slightly different angles, and watch how it affects the toilet seat.

Once you figure out how your toilet tank needs to be positioned, you can cut your foam pieces. If the tank leans forward, cut out small foam squares and tuck the styrofoam below the tank, so that it tilts back into its proper position. To steady the tank, cut out a rectangular block and slide it between the wall and the tank. Then, test out the seat — if it stays up, your work is done. If it falls, add more foam to the front until the tank and seat are perfectly balanced.