A Smart Hack To Open A Can If You're Ever Without An Opener

You're out camping, and you remembered to bring baked beans, a small pot, dry wood for a little fire, waterproof matches, cutlery, plenty of water to drink, and all the ingredients to make s'mores for dessert. Your tent is up and secure, you have a powerful flashlight, and you even remembered to organize your emergency kit and supplies. Everything's perfect... except you forgot the darn can opener. Luckily, the smartest (and safest) hack to open a can without an opener is to maneuver a metal spoon onto the can with all the arm strength you possess.

Be prepared to muscle your way through this hack. Whether you're camping in the woods, winging it at Burning Man, or traveling in an RV and far from a home goods store, you'll recall this tip when you find yourself without a can opener. Please note that you must take special care while forcing open a can and afterward because of its extremely sharp, dangerous edges. Keep children and pets away from the vicinity while using this technique, and dispose of the can thoughtfully so it's out of reach of people and animals.

How to open a can without an opener

There are a couple of versions of this hack, but they both operate the same way. You'll need your can of food, a metal spoon, latex gloves if you have them, and strength. Using your dominant hand, wrap your fingers around the handle of the spoon, with your pinky and ring fingers gripping the top of the spoon's bowl for stability. You're going to push the spoon back and forth across the tin and close to the edge while also pushing down; the idea is to make a depression in the top and push it downward until you pierce it.

Once you're in, use the side of the spoon to continue to "cut" around the top of the tin by pushing it down and moving forward. Go all the way around. Don't worry about taking the top off, but pierce as much as you can, then use the spoon to lift back what is now a lid so you can get the food out. This will also work if you have a serrated knife or utility knife, but be very careful not to nick yourself. Dispose of the can carefully to prevent injury to you or anyone who comes across it in the future.