Use This Bathroom Staple To Make Cleaning Your Sink Easier

We love using natural products for cleaning in general and in the bathroom in particular. They eliminate the toxic chemicals in the commercial products we formerly used, which pollute the groundwater. Natural products eliminate the noxious smells and molecules hanging in the air that mainstream products produce, and that can make us feel sickly. A parade of white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and salt used in varying combinations on some, but not all, surfaces is a welcome bunch of cleaning alternatives that work effectively, especially in the bathroom. Another unexpected staple, dental floss, can make cleaning your sink easier. Just make sure to discard floss in the garbage, not the toilet, where it can clog and snarl things up.

The tensile strength of dental floss is terrific for scrubbing the tiny hiding places where grime lives on your faucets and handles. You might want to consider first prepping your faucets if you've noticed the white buildup of hard water stains. You can make a budget-friendly hard water remover for bathroom fixtures.

How to use dental floss on your sink

These two hacks work especially well together. After you've scrubbed the hard water stains off your faucets and the hardware that lives next to the flow of water, you can grab your little container of dental floss to remove any remaining crud. What you're going to do is pull off a piece of floss, hold both ends, and start sawing back and forth at any gook which should have been loosened by your natural stain removal protocol.

Think of this exercise as plaque removal for your hardware. After you've gone over the areas that need help, you might have a spray bottle with water standing by to rinse off the area, then pick up any remaining flecks of junk with a paper towel or microfiber. A day of cleaning your faucets is most likely a good time to tackle the bathroom sink as well.