The Bathroom Cleaning Trick Is The Perfect Hack For Those With Busy Schedules

Whether you're a busy parent, a busy professional, or both, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. On our busiest days, the tasks that often get neglected are the household chores we dread tackling most. If the bathroom is the room you're most likely to avoid cleaning, never fear. There's a 10-minute cleaning hack involving two Clorox Toilet Wands — one for the toilet and one for the other fixtures — and some Windex (to wipe down the flat surfaces) that will get your bathroom clean enough to use until you have time to do a more thorough job.

In her book, "How to Keep House While Drowning," author KC Davis, LPC assures us that everyone struggles from time to time to get everything done that we "should." For those moments, she says, "good enough is perfect." Don't beat yourself up because of what you can't get done, but rather do what you can. In that vein, Davis offers an easy way to quickly scrub your bathroom surfaces so the space is usable, without pressuring yourself to get it spotless.

Two Clorox Toilet Wands are better than one

If you frequently find you don't have time to do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom, invest in two Clorox Toilet Wands for the major fixtures — one should be dedicated solely to the toilet — and some Windex for your other surfaces, to make it good enough in a rush. Obviously it's important to deep clean your bathroom from time to time, but usually it just needs to be clean enough to be functional.

For a quick bathroom cleaning, use your first toilet wand as intended, only scrubbing the toilet surfaces. Use the second wand on your tub, shower, and sink. The same properties of the Wand that eliminate stains from the toilet also work on the traditional films and spots that accumulate on these other bathroom fixtures. The scrubbing pads work fast, too, so in less than 10 minutes, all these areas can be sufficiently scrubbed and left visibly clean. Once you've scrubbed your fixtures and rinsed away the suds, the only thing left is your flat surfaces. For these, Davis recommends using glass cleaner with either a microfiber cloth or some paper towels. Spray your cloth with Windex or another glass cleaner, then wipe down your mirrors, shelves, and vanity. Take out the trash and you're done!

Keep your bathroom clean enough for now

There's not a single person among us whose schedule doesn't get bogged down. Even just the mundane combination of work and kids' activities can leave you with barely enough time to sit down, so sometimes shortcuts, hacks, and trips need to be undertaken to make things easier. If you find your to-do list is longer than your schedule permits, employing shortcuts isn't slacking, it's smart problem-solving.

A quick scrub with two Clorox wands and a bottle of Windex isn't intended to cover the intense deep cleaning our bathrooms require, but it is a quick way to reset your space. For those people who simply haven't been able to take the time out of their busy days, this cleaning hack allows you to get your space under control so you can use it. That's the most important factor. As long as you can get your space clean enough to be livable, you can tackle the more arduous tasks when your schedule slows down and you have more time.