TikToker's Hack For Ornamental Grass Cleanup Has The Internet Stunned

There is a range of ornamental grasses that can be gorgeous additions to your yard. However, when the season ends, these plants may end up looking dried out and dreary. At this point, it's time to clean them up which can be a tedious task. Fortunately, TikTok user Ope | It'sMowTime shared a hack that's so clever that it's left people pretty darn impressed. All you need is zip ties to help you deal with your plants. In the clip, he first showed himself taking care of the grass in the old manner by simply chopping it down with electric clippers which would leave him with a big mess. After that, he demonstrated his new method by wrapping the grass which kept it together once it was chopped down.

"Bro, ... I have been a landscaper for years and you just taught me something thank you," one person wrote in response. Others had suggestions for those who may not have zip ties, recommending twine (which Ope also suggested) or a bungee cord (which Ope thought was a great idea). Whatever you have on hand to use, you just want to make sure you're using it properly in order to make this hack as effective as you'd like it to be.

How to use zip ties to cleanly cut ornamental grass

In order to make sure this hack works for you, you'll need just one zip tie if you're dealing with a small amount of ornamental grass or multiple zip ties if you want to create one large bundle. If you need two or more, simply lock them together first to create one larger tie.

When you're ready, wrap the zip tie around the base of the grass. Make sure it's nice and tight while also leaving enough room for you to cut the grass a few inches beneath the bottom of the plants so that the tie can keep things secured together. If you're using twine or a bungee cord, you can wrap them around the grass in the same way before cutting. Next, use hedge clippers to cut through the grass. When you're done, remove the zip ties (or twine, bungee cord, or whatever you've used) and toss the grass away in whatever manner is best.

If you perform this hack properly, then it will keep things clean in two ways. First, it will prevent the grass from falling all over the place which will make it harder to collect and tidy up before throwing it away. Secondly, it allows you to cut the grass in a nice, clean line and leaves you with a neat leftover patch that will be ready to grow again when the warm weather returns.