Use One Unexpected Kitchen Utensil To Repel Flies From Your Patio

Are flies making it impossible to enjoy your outdoor time or wreaking havoc in your home? You can put that pesky buzzing noise to rest with a few things that are perhaps already in your kitchen. All you need are a pair of chopsticks and some Pine-Sol. The chopsticks can be used as diffuser sticks in a glass jar filled with Pine-Sol to slowly emit its fly-repelling scent into the air. Thanks to this hack, you'll finally have a use for all those chopsticks that are piling up in your junk drawer from takeouts. 

While chopsticks don't have as much absorbing power as rattan — the material diffuser sticks are typically made from — they still get the job done. Certain types of Pine-Sol contain pine oil, which flies can't stand. The strong odor is noxious to them. Pine-Sol also contains phenol and oil, which creates a liquid bug repellent that also kills flies on contact.

How to make a chopstick fly diffuser

To create your DIY fly-repelling diffuser, you'll need one or two sets of chopsticks and a short vase with a narrow neck and mouth or a glass jar. A vase with a narrow opening is best to prevent the diffuser solution from evaporating quickly. You'll also need some Pine-Sol, just make sure it's the kind that has pine oil in it. 

Fill your vase with Pine-Sol and toss your chopsticks in. Place your diffuser outdoors on a patio table or wherever you want to deter flies. It's probably best that you only use this outdoors unless you love the scent of Pine-Sol and want your house to constantly smell like it. If you have a bigger area you want to deter flies from, mix one-fourth bottle of Pine-Sol with a half gallon of water and our pour solution into a spray bottle. You can spray this mixture on your patio furniture, under your deck, or in other areas where flies are a bother.