De-Grime Your Dirty Garden Tools With A Handy Kitchen Essential

Gardening tools pull in over $80 billion a year, reflecting just how many of us use them (via Grand View Research). There's no denying that garden tools are incredibly useful, but they can come with some downsides. For example, you may find that they often require plenty of upkeep and cleaning. While it is a strenuous task at times, one very specific kitchen essential could help you: wax paper. Not only could wax paper help you de-grime your tools in a flash, but it's also incredibly convenient if you already have some stowed away in your kitchen. Perfect! Now you can say goodbye to those filthy tools and say hello to a tool collection that looks almost as good as new.  

Likewise, this trick should save you from replacing your garden tools, thus helping you save money. After all, who wouldn't want their gardening tools to last a long time? Below, we'll show you how to use wax paper to achieve sparkling clean results and save yourself a few bucks. Let's get started.

Grab some wax paper

To try this trick out for yourself, all you'll need is some wax paper and the gardening tools in question. Simply take one tool at a time and rub the wax paper along the dirty areas, making sure to be firm. However, if you're struggling, you can always use more. The amount you use will likely depend on the state of your tools. But how does the process actually work? 

The wax helps loosen things up due to its lubricating nature and makes it difficult for excess dirt to stick to it after you're done. Of course, the effects will likely wane over time. In this case, repeat the process as many times as you like until you remove all the dirt. Not only does this help you, but it also helps your garden. Speaking to ABC Everyday, Gardening educator, Claire Bickle, reveals: "Caring for your tools will give them longevity — they will last longer, and you'll stop moving diseases around your garden." So, instead of tossing your tools away, make sure to reach for some wax paper for your next de-griming job. To take an extra step further, you could even disinfect your garden tools once you're finished.