The Home Staple That'll Keep Shag Carpeting Clean Longer

Shag carpeting feels luxurious underfoot and adds welcome texture to a room, but it's not the easiest flooring to keep clean. That's because what makes it so special — its deep pile — is also what captures dirt and dust so well. They also help conceal it. While you can easily spot crumbs or wayward dust balls on a short pile, those same things can embed deep in the shag fibers, making it appear cleaner than it actually is. While it might need a more thorough cleaning than other rugs, it has the added downside of not being able to be vacuumed too often. Too much suction will ruin the fibers, making them appear scraggly rather than plush. Ideally, you should only vacuum it twice a month. But if that sounds like too little for your household, you can keep it pristine in between cleaning sessions with a lint roller.

This handy wardrobe staple will help you scoop any hairs, crumbs, and wayward dust in between vacuuming and will especially be helpful in a house full of kids and pets. Those rugs usually need more frequent cleaning, and a lint roller can help you achieve the balance of keeping your carpet clean without damaging its appearance. Here's how to do it. 

How to use a lint roller to clean a shag carpet

All you will need for this carpet cleaning hack is a lint roller. A standard-sized one is fine if you have a small rug or just want to tackle problem areas (like the spot your dog likes to nap on,) but you might want to invest in a jumbo-sized option if you need to clean a large shag rug. That way, this trick doesn't become too labor-intensive, allowing you to cover more area in a shorter amount of time. 

 Once you have your device, remove the old sheet to reveal a new, sticky pad. Roll it across the shag, being careful not to snag the long fibers. You should immediately see dust, hair, and crumbs stick to the roll. If it becomes too saturated with debris, remove the paper to reveal a new sticky pad. If you don't, some of the dust might re-embed itself back into the rug, negating the work you just did. Try this out, and see how easy it will be to keep your rugs pristine.