Use This Bathroom Staple To Clean The Hard-To-Reach Corners Of Your Bathtub

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore that not many look forward to doing. There are so many things to clean and disinfect that are obvious, yet there are also quite a few maintenance cleaning steps that can be easy to overlook and are no fun to do. Cleaning the corners of the bathtub ranks high on that list, but a few cotton balls placed in those corners just might be all you need.

Not only can bathtub corners become dingy after repeated showers and baths, but they can attract mold and mildew. Once that builds, it can become even tougher to clean. Regular cleaning tools, like brushes, won't work as effectively on the square corners of the tub, because they can't reach all areas. Whenever you find mold in your bathroom, you should promptly remove the health hazard. Mold in the home can cause nasal congestion, wheezing, itchy eyes and skin, and a cough. 

Use cotton balls to remove mold in the bathtub corners

Spraying a tub and tile cleaner in the corners of the bathtub will be somewhat effective, but most of the cleanser will just drip down the wall. The key to removing mold and mildew is to keep the actual liquid cleaner on the infected surface for as long as possible. That is where cotton balls become a very handy bathroom staple to have on hand.

Simply place cotton balls in the sharp corners of your bathtub wall where the tub meets the tile. Then spray them quite generously with your favorite shower cleaner. A bleach-based cleaner works best to remove mold. Let them sit there for several hours. Leaving them overnight is ideal. The next morning, put on gloves, remove the cotton balls, and then rinse with hot water. The surfaces should be sparkling clean. If not, repeat the process. You can do this regularly, about once per month, to keep the bathroom mold and mildew-free.

Toilet paper can help cover a longer surface area

Sometimes the mold extends beyond the small area where the tiles begin, and it grows up the wall corners. Cotton balls won't work in those cases, but toilet paper can do the trick. Though it's not as absorbent as cotton balls, toilet paper can be manipulated to fit in almost any shape.

Start out by tearing a piece of toilet paper that will cover the mold-filled corner. Then pick up each end on either hand and twist it. It should become more stiff, so it can stand up while propped against the corner tiles. Then spray the toilet paper with mold and mildew cleaner or a bleach-based spray. Leave it there for 12-24 hours. Then remove the toilet paper and rinse with hot water. Repeat if necessary. Remember, anytime you use bleach or strong-smelling cleaners, it's best to open the bathroom window or put on the fan, so the area gets adequate ventilation, which will help you avoid breathing in toxic chemicals.