The Genius Dryer Sheet Hack For Removing Crayon From Your Walls

If you've got creative and adventurous little ones that are old enough to grasp crayons, then you're in for a treat. Your children (including playmates) probably often gift you with their exuberant drawings, and not just on the paper you encouragingly place in front of them. If you've been kind enough to provide an environment that includes a box of crayons plus walls, get ready: Your babies will consider any wall as a canvas for unfettered self-expression. Lucky for you, if you have dryer sheets handy, using them to remove said crayon drawings from the walls works beautifully.

Getting crayon off furniture feels even more daunting, yet it's doable. But removing crayon from walls, every parent's nightmare, is actually easier. There are a few fixes for getting the job done, including a long list of other household products that can remove crayon marks from walls. So, if the dryer sheets by themselves aren't cutting it, try one of the other common items you probably have in your home.

The dryer sheet hack

As soon as you spot the unauthorized use of crayons on any wall surface in your home, make a beeline for the laundry room or wherever you keep your laundry supplies. Grab a couple of dryer sheets and, with a light hand, rub the surface of the wall to remove the crayon. You might also go over the surface with a damp sponge or cloth afterward. As tempting as it might be to try to eliminate crayon marks using your full arm strength, only use light pressure against these surfaces, as you don't want to remove the wall paint along with the crayon. 

Aside from the polyester fabric they're made from, dryer sheets also contain lubricants, liquid softeners, and fragrance. The slightly abrasive quality of the sheets and the lubricant might help lift the crayon. And if your kid really went to town all over the living room, lift crayon (and marker) off any tables with a handy baby product.