When Is The Best Time Of Year To Plant A Clover Lawn?

If you're looking to make your yard more eco-friendly -– or even if you just hate mowing –- you might be considering transitioning to a clover lawn. Unlike traditional grass lawns, clover only needs to be mown about four times per year, and it never yellows for any reason, be it drought or dog waste. Clover also attracts pollinators and contributes to a diverse ecosystem. There are many benefits to planting a clover lawn, but when is the best time to do so? For this type of lawn to properly germinate and establish itself, spring is actually the best time to plant.

Of course, other growing needs have to be met as well, such as soil conditions. Clover grows best in soil that is sandy or loamy in texture, and the pH balance should fall just shy of neutral, between 6 and 7, which is slightly acidic. If either the texture or the pH isn't quite right, this can be amended by adding some sand, particularly during the clover seeding process. And while clover technically can be grown in USDA zones 3-10, it requires at least four to six hours of full sun per day, making it ideal for zones 6 and up.

Planting clover in the spring

Spring is definitely the best time to plant clover, after the last frost. Clover does best in climates that average 50 to 85 degrees, so if it's still too chilly in your area in mid-late March, wait a week or two before spreading clover seed. Once the weather has sufficiently warmed, though, the process of establishing your clover yard is fairly straightforward.

Because of its warming and rainy weather trends, springtime offers the best environment for the lawn alternative to establish itself. However, even if it rains regularly, newly planted clover seed will still require 10-14 days of daily watering for it to take root and start to grow. After you see the clover growing tiny leaves, you can taper off watering your lawn. Once it's settled, the clover should stay green and refrain from getting patchy for the rest of the year without growing as tall as grass. Just sit back and enjoy.