Your Iron Is The Secret Weapon You Need To Remove Water Stains From Wood

We need to drink a lot of water every day to stay hydrated, but our wood tables don't need to know that. If condensation has formed on your drinking glass, no matter what the beverage, you'll get an unsightly ring when you (or your kids or a guest) leave it on the table without a coaster. It lowers the value of your furniture and distracts from the wood's beauty. But if you've got a clothes iron, we've got a solution for you.

It's important to note that there are a couple of types of stains. A white ring indicates that the moisture is affecting your wood's finish. A dark ring requires a more robust solution like refinishing because the stain has already penetrated the wood. For a white ring stain, this ironing-your-table solution is worth a try even if the stain has been sitting for a while, though it's best used when the stain is new. Some stains are resistant, so you might find more than one solution is necessary. You can also use mayonnaise to clean wood furniture stains.

How to use your iron to remove water stains

What you'll need is a clothing iron without any water in it and a clean white towel. Make sure to use a towel that has no decals or patterns on it to prevent transferring the pattern or ink onto the wood via heat. Let your iron warm up and use the lowest heat setting. Place the cloth on the stain and when your iron is fully heated, pass it back and forth over the cloth for about five seconds or so. Stop and check your progress, and repeat as needed. It may take a few minutes of ironing in five-second intervals to lift the stain.

What do you do if it doesn't work right away? We suggest you try this dry ironing method first. However, some people have had success by adding a small amount of moisture to treat water stains and white marks left by hot pans. While you still have the iron out and before you try using mayonnaise, either dampen the cloth or towel (use a light hand, do not saturate it with water) or add water to a steam iron and pump a little steam onto the towel, then continue as directed. You should hopefully see an unblemished face of wood in no time.