This IKEA Curtain Rod Hack Will Transform Your Boring Hallway

If you have long hallways in your home, you may wonder how to make it seem more appealing. Thankfully, one hack by @nestbyjess shows how you can add a creative touch to spruce up a dull space using only curtains and a pole rod from IKEA. By adding this combo to your room, you can add flair to your otherwise bland hallway — it's certainly not something you see every day. This is an excellent option if you're planning to overhaul your interior on a budget, and it can help you out if you have any windows in the space by adding a layer of privacy.

In addition to your own home, this hack could also be a great addition, for example, if you own an Airbnb or large rental home. This will allow guests the choice to open or close them as they please or leave them as more of a statement piece to add to the feel of the hallway. Either way, it works a treat. So, what do you need? We'll break it down step by step to make the whole process a breeze.

Assemble your curtain poles

First, you'll need to choose some curtains of your choice and some IKEA RÄCKA curtain rods. The hack itself uses Dupioni silk curtains, but you can choose whatever best suits the style you're going for. For example, you could use some IKEA curtains instead. The measurements for both of these items will depend on the measurements of your individual hallway, so make sure to take these before making any purchase. Naturally, you want to measure from where you want the curtains to begin to where you want them to end. To start, you need to attach a single curtain rod at a time inside each other and secure them on your wall, making sure they stay in place. You should add the curtains as you go. Now, you should be left with what looks like one long curtain, and your space should now have a more glamorous feel to it.

Of course, the reason this hack is possible all comes down to the RÄCKA curtain rods, which can be easily connected together to create a rather large curtain rod. Without them, achieving the same look using a regular curtain pole would be incredibly difficult. It would look more disjointed and messy. However, this hack helps to elevate and revamp your space.