Maximize Your Space With These Must-Have Under-Bed Storage Solutions

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It is critical to take advantage of every nook and cranny when you have limited space. You might need a ladder to reach the top of your bookcase, but it's an open area for decor. Don't leave underneath your dresser empty either, as it is a great space for items like board games. Another popular area that is perfect for storage is under your bed. Books, toys, clothes, and bedding can all be placed below you mattress, as this is a shaded and cool spot where your items can sleep peacefully.

The best way to optimize this area is with storage organizers. Using bins, drawers, or bags lets you keep as many belongings as you need in this hideout. The best storage solutions allow for easy access, protect your possessions from the elements, and neatly tuck everything away. While there are certain things you should not store beneath your bed, this area is the ideal cove for off-season items and instrumental in helping you declutter. Discover our top eight best under-the-bed storage solutions below. 

How we selected products

Our selections of under-bed storage solutions were vetted on quality, customer satisfaction, functionality, and style. We wanted a variety of storage systems that would work for a range of under-the-bed spaces and fulfill your needs, whether you are storing away sports equipment or craft supplies. We wanted to make sure that your belongings would be protected and better off in these furnishings than lying underneath your boxspring all willy-nilly.

We read customers' ratings and reviews to ensure that once the product is in your hands, there won't be any buyer's remorse. These storage solutions had to be worth the price based on their material, size, storage capacity, and user-friendliness. It was also a bonus if these organizers could shield your items from the inevitable dust buildup under the bed. From trunks to bins, we have the ideal storage systems to maximize your space and prevent a chaotic stockpile.

Best overall: Sterilite's 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Box

Simple, practical, and inexpensive, Sterilite's 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Box is our top pick for best overall under-the-bed organizer. Its capacity lets you pack a large load, and the secure lid means everything is protected from liquids and debris. Plus, it has wheels and a hinged lid for easy access. With a clear base, you'll know exactly what's in the box without needing to open it. This storage bin is also stackable if you're looking to grab more than one.

Purchase Sterilite's 66 Quart Stadium Blue Ultra Storage Box for $22.48 at Walmart.

Best budget: Target's Room Essentials 28 Quart Clear Under Bed Storage Box

The Room Essentials 28 Quart Clear Under Bed Storage Box may fulfill your organizing needs. The clear box makes it easy to identify what's inside, and the lid has grooves so you can stack the bins. Use them for lightweight items like toys and linens, as they may not be the best choice for heavy items like textbooks and dumbbells. With the low price, you can buy multiple to fill your under-bed area. Plus, they can be used in different parts of your home if needed.

You can get the Room Essentials 28 Quart Clear Under Bed Storage Box for $7 when purchased online at Target.

Best splurge: Breakwater Bay's Walmsley Camp Trunk or Footlocker

For stylish storage, Breakwater Bay's Walmsley Camp Trunk or Footlocker fits the bill. This solid pine trunk is embellished with nickel hardware and a black bind. The closure system is secure to keep dust particles away from your belongings. Plus, it has a lock latch to keep sticky fingers away too. Fitted with wheels, this storage container is especially easy to move. It tucks away neatly under your bed and is built to last. However, be mindful that the trunk is heavy, as it weighs 21 pounds when empty.

Find Breakwater Bay's Walmsley Camp Trunk or Footlocker on Wayfair for $119.99.

Best furnishing: IKEA's FREDVANG Underbed Storage/Bedside Table

The FREDVANG Underbed Storage/Bedside Table from IKEA checks all the boxes. The white color blends well with any furniture, while the wheels and two compartments make for easy access. There is open storage in the front for books or shoes, and when you roll it out, another compartment is revealed that's perfect for bedding and pajamas. The best part is that this storage also functions as a nightstand. Use the tabletop to rest drinks or charge your electronics. The only downside is that assembly is required, though most reviewers said it was easy to build.

Purchase the FREDVANG Underbed Storage/Bedside Table on IKEA for $59.99.

Best cart: PHINOX's Under Bed Storage

Carts that don't have a lid are a good option for stockpiling off-season gear and miscellaneous items. The PHINOX's Under Bed Storage cart is made from metal, so it's durable. It has wheels that lock in place and turn in 360-degree motions to easily swivel from underneath any area. When it is not in use, you can fold and neatly store it away without taking up much space. Assembly is required, but it only takes a couple of minutes and you don't need any tools.

Amazon sells PHINOX's Under Bed Storage for $31.55.

Best drawer: IKEA's MALM Underbed Storage Box for High Bed

IKEA's MALM Underbed Storage Box for High Bed, which works well with the High MALM Bed Frame though could be used with other frames, elevates your under-bed area. It will look like your bed frame was made with built-in compartments. The drawers have wheels for easy movement and slide right under your bed. It is perfect for maximizing your space in a stylish manner and keeping miscellaneous items out of sight. This piece comes in an oak wood finish, black, gray, and white to fit any aesthetic. Assembly is required, but all the necessary hardware is included.

Shop IKEA for their MALM Underbed Storage Box for High Bed, priced at $90 for two.

Best fabric storage: StorageRight's Storage Bins

A fabric storage bin is a low-commitment organization option. StorageRight's Storage Bins have a clear front panel so you can see what's inside. The wrap-around enclosure, which comes in four different colors, means your belongings are safe from dust and debris. It holds up to 33 pounds and can neatly be folded away when not in use. However, the fabric material makes it the least durable of all our picks. Some customers found it helpful to reinforce the bag with cardboard lining.

A 3-pack of StorageRight's Storage Bins costs $16.99 on Amazon.

Best space saver: GONGSHI's Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum seal bags are the ultimate space saver. GONGSHI's Vacuum Storage Bags maximize your under-bed compartment, as compressing the air lets you fit more of your belongings in the tight space. They are watertight with a double zipper seal and a triple seal air valve, so you don't have to worry about anything getting in or out. They're best for storing off-season items and things you don't use often. A pack of 12 comes with three small, medium, large, and jumbo bags, and these can work with any standard vacuum cleaner. 

Find a 12-pack of GONGSHI's Vacuum Storage Bags on Amazon for $16.98.