Are You Making This Common, Damaging Mistake With Your Marble Countertops?

There's no denying that marble countertops exude timeless elegance and look stunning. Further, they pair well with almost all design styles, making them popular among homeowners despite their high cost and installation charges. However, it's a high-maintenance material that requires regular upkeep. Being porous, these countertops stain easily, especially if the spills are of an acidic nature. So, if you don't want your countertops to feature a permanent mark from all the spilling they might be subject to, you need to take care of them immediately.

Grab a paper towel to absorb the spills, blotting to protect the marble surface. Don't try to wipe the spillage as it'll spread over a larger area, possibly damaging more of the countertop. Most homeowners don't spring into action as soon as they notice a spill on their precious countertop, staining it unintentionally. They don't realize the damage their countertop undergoes if the spills are allowed to settle in and penetrate the surface.

Clean spills at once

As noted, to prevent your porous marble countertops from absorbing the spills, clean them immediately. Don't let them sit on the counter for long, especially acidic spills. Acidic items, such as sauces, lemon juice, vinegar, and alcohol like wine, will react with the calcium carbonate in marble and damage the surface, leaving behind dull and dark streaks. While the damage will be less noticeable, other liquids like cooking oil, coffee, and fruit juices will stain the surface, too.

Hence, as soon as you spill something or notice it, take a paper towel and use it to blot the liquid gently. Keep at it till you've absorbed all of the spillage. After you're done, mix some warm water with a few drops of gentle dish soap. Soak a clean microfiber cloth or chamois in the prepared solution to dampen it and use it to clean the countertop and sop away any residue. Remember, this solution works best on spills that haven't permeated the surface yet. However, if the spill has had time to get absorbed by the marble surface, this DIY cleaning solution will be no match for it. In such cases, call a professional and let them deal with it.