A Vaseline Life-Hack Is Perfect For Your Stubborn Fridge

Vaseline is often touted for its use within the beauty world, and you may even often use it yourself in your skincare routine. However, this nifty beauty product also has some other tricks up its sleeve. If you're struggling with a fridge door that won't seal shut properly, your little jar of Vaseline may just be the ticket to success. Yes, really. Using Vaseline to keep your fridge door sealed is a fantastic makeshift option until you can rectify the problem yourself, so you can rest assured that the food inside your fridge will still be happy and chilled.  

In addition, this hack is also incredibly convenient, especially if you already have a jar of Vaseline on hand. Even if you don't, you should be able to find some in most of your local stores or online. So, how do you use it in your fridge? As it turns out, the hack itself is surprisingly simple.

Apply it on the fridge gasket

For this hack by @the_sol_is_beautiful, you'll need a tub of Vaseline and your fridge. This part shouldn't be too difficult. Petroleum jelly should also do the trick if you don't have the exact Vaseline brand. When it comes to the method, all you need to do is apply a thin layer of the product onto the gasket of the fridge, where it would typically seal shut — aka the outline of your fridge door. This should be done on the inside of the door that opens. Of course, you should only use this as a temporary fix, before more starts to go wrong, as Ron Shimek, President of the repair company Mr. Appliance, highlights to the online publication Home & Gardens: "A broken door gasket or seal is another common reason for a leaking fridge interior." So, the moral of the story? Don't rely on your Vaseline for too long.

So, what kind of magic is your Vaseline working on your kitchen appliance? As it turns out, the layer of Vaseline creates a makeshift seal that temporarily holds your fridge door shut. This helps to prevent it from coming loose. Of course, you can always wipe it off when it comes to fixing your fridge for good. However, you may also need to consider the fact that your fridge could need replacing. Either way, only use this hack sparingly.