Turn Your Old Plastic Containers Into Beautiful Hanging Planters

When we finish with plastic containers, throwing them straight into the depths of our trash cans is very easy. From there, they get sent to landfills, alongside the millions of tons of plastic that also get sent there annually, per the United States Environmental Protection Agency

However, you can prevent your containers from going to a landfill by turning them into beautiful hanging planters instead. Although it may seem like a difficult job, they're very easy to make. This is a win for the planet and leaves you with some extra space to store any plants or flowers. Even better, you can also customize them to your liking. This is a great way to upcycle and may even help save you some money along the way. After all, you won't even need to spend any money on new pots if you have an endless supply of plastic containers stuffed away in your kitchen.

 So, what's the recipe for success? Let's break down the process.

Creating a hanging planter out of a plastic container

To create your hanging planter, you'll need a large, bottle-like plastic container; scissors or a knife; cable ties; a chain to hang it; and an inch plant. To make a plastic hanging planter where most of the plastic isn't visible, you'll need to start by tracing out and cutting holes in your container, as shown by @flowerlovers2022 on Instagram. You'll need a lot of them, so it's probably easiest to do them in layers. Once you've cut out the holes, you can start by inserting parts of your inch plant so they fit snugly. These should be around 3-4 inches in size. One layer at a time, add a layer of soil and a layer of inch plant on top, repeating until you reach the highest level of your container. You can also add some on top to make it appear fuller. For the hanging part, take some cable ties and attach three of them to the planter before attaching them to a hanger chain.

This hack works so well because both the container and the holes help to hold everything together, concealing the plastic to create the illusion of a hanging plant. The inch plant branches also help prevent excess soil from spilling out. Of course, if you want to try a different plant, you should always research to see if it's a suitable fit. Doing so will help you to create the perfect hanging planter.

Another option for creating a hanging planter

In addition to putting holes in an old plastic container, you can also cut one in half on a slant to create the perfect planter for your flowers. The only difference with this option is switching out the chain for some string, which you can adapt to your taste. Likewise, there are plenty of floral and creative options for hanging baskets; you can even mix and match your plants. For example, you could add some fuchsia and some begonia together. Once you add your plants, just make sure you add holes for your string and for your water to drain through. The holes for the water should go underneath the container. Keeping your plant's roots healthy is essential and will help prevent them from getting overwhelmed. In turn, this should help the plants in your hanging basket to thrive.  

Again, this hack works well as the bottom of the plastic bottle helps to hold everything in place, almost acting as a plant pot. However, this way you'll be sending less plastic to landfills and saving yourself money at the same time. Another great thing about this specific planter is that you can customize it however you wish, allowing you to add your own personal flair. This is perfect for working with a particular color scheme within your garden.