The Impossibly Easy Wreath Trick That'll Make Your Home Smell Divine

Although it's perfectly lovely to create decorative spring and summer wreaths, fall and winter is prime wreath time, a way to honor the change in seasons and create beauty. You could think long-term by crafting something realistic using all faux leaves or berries, a decorative accent you could then pull out in future seasons. Or, you could create something that only lasts a few weeks by trimming real stems or flowers. As a DIYer, creating a wreath is a satisfying afternoon project. It's also a fantastic scent-delivery system using the impossibly easy trick of spritzing your wreath with a divine-smelling essential oil.

If you don't want to create a faux or real piece, a third option is to buy a premade wreath and then add your favorite scent. Hearth & Hand's Golden Ash Wreath is made from faux leaves and is both budget-friendly and gorgeous. You could not only display your wreath to welcome people at the front door, but it could also be an elegant addition to your fireplace mantel or placed on the dining room table as a unique centerpiece. 

How to follow this wreath trick

Your first task is to either buy a wreath or craft one out of faux or real stems, leaves, berries, pinecones, shells, or whatever you'd like to use. You'll then need one or more essential oils, distilled water, a funnel, and a spray bottle. There are countless essential oil scents you could use for this hack. Cinnamon oil evokes holiday baking and warmth and may pair well with the natural elements on your festive wreath. However, lavender essential oil and vanilla always smells delicious, and lemon is a classic, clean-smelling choice as well. 

Measure about 5 ounces of water through the funnel into your spray bottle. If you're only using one essential oil scent, start with 10 to 15 drops, replace the sprayer, and start spritzing your finished wreath. That could be just right, or add a bit more oil. If you're combining oils like a perfumer, take your time with four or so drops of each and balance the scents according to your tastes. Then, simply display your wreath wherever you'd like around your home. However, if you have dogs, essential oil fragrances are too intense for their heightened senses, so this hack may not be ideal for your home.