This TikTok Just Convinced Us We Need This On Our Windows ASAP

These days, so many more of us work from home than ever before. Except for those times when we go for a walk, out to lunch, or to run errands, we're literally home all the time, day and night. In addition to needing to implement rituals to differentiate our home and work lives, we may feel the need for extra privacy instead of always being visible to whoever happens to walk or drive by. Well, thousands have fallen in love with the idea of putting privacy film (also called window film) on their windows to eliminate any curious neighbor issues, thanks to TikTok user @hydro.tints.window.films. Strangers don't need to see us walking around with our hair in a towel, watching cartoons, or eating pie! 

Window film is already impressively effective at keeping in heat, and you might consider investing in it to save on winter heating costs. Privacy film resembles a two-way mirror and operates on similar principles. From inside the home, you can clearly see through the window. But on the other side, as you walk past, it would be like looking in a mirror, eliminating the ability to peer inside.

The benefits of installing window film

It's important to feel like you're safe in your home sanctuary, and adding privacy features can deepen that sense of personal security. Another great advantage of window film is that it reduces daylight glare by about 76%, depending on the manufacturer, creating more ease as you work at home on your computer. If you get direct sunlight, it will help save your upholstery and floors from fading because it reduces ultraviolet rays by a whopping 97 to 99%. It's also capable of decreasing your chances of skin cancer (via Skin Cancer Foundation). Privacy film would also work well for ground floor office spaces — no one needs to walk by and see management's world-changing PowerPoint presentation or private meetings.

Privacy film allows you to keep your curtains open or shades up all day, allowing in full, glorious daylight. But you'll still need to draw those curtains closed at night. Window film's privacy feature is fueled by daylight. At night, the moment you turn on any lights inside your home, people will be able to see inside.