Remove Unsightly Scuff Marks From Your Floors With An Item From Your Home Office

Not only is it impossible to keep your floors clean, but it's impossible to keep them scuff-free. Whether they're hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, our flooring takes a daily beating. We drag stools across them, roll chairs back and forth, sometimes walk with our shoes on indoors, and race across them with kids and pets. Because of that, scuff marks get left behind. These telltale dark or white marks are superficial scrapes made from residue, and sometimes simple water and soap can't remove them. But rather than buying a specialty item or worrying about the condition of your floors, you can just grab something from your home office: an eraser.

It turns out erasers eliminate all sorts of mistakes, including flooring ones. If you roll your computer chair too quickly away from your desk and a black streak appears under the wheel, your eraser can help. Or if your gym shoes leave a scuff as you run to get your water bottle, an eraser can help. Even if your kid drops a toy and leaves an ominous black mark in the middle of the living room, an eraser can help wipe it away. Here's how.

How to use an eraser to remove floor scuffs

This is a safer, foolproof alternative for removing scuff marks off floors since using harsh cleaners or scrub brushes can potentially stain or discolor hardwood and linoleum. But before you begin, ensure the eraser is free of any residue or grime, or else you might transfer that dirt onto your flooring, creating a bigger mess than you started with. 

Once you're ready, all you need to do is rub away the mark like you would a mistake on a piece of paper. Use light pressure and wipe the residue away. You want to make sure you don't press too hard, or else you can damage the finish or paint. If it's a small scuff, you can use a pencil eraser. But if it's a bigger line, using a bigger, handheld school eraser will be more efficient. 

If it's a stubborn mark, dampen the scuff with a microfiber cloth first. Then, apply the eraser. This should help remove it with ease. Once you're done, you will likely have eraser shavings left behind, so grab a damp paper towel to pick up the residue, ensuring your floor is nice and clean afterward.