TikTok's Lighting Hack Has Plant Lovers So Pumped

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If you're a plant lover, you'd probably stuff every square inch of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom with as many plants as possible if given the chance. You may love the life they bring into a room, but they won't be able to bloom the way you know they can if they don't get enough light. Certain rooms either get no natural light or are positioned to receive only a sliver of indirect light. If your plants are struggling in these conditions, you'll be pumped to know that TikTok's fabulous lighting hack helps you work around a dark home by replacing your regular light bulbs with grow lights.

If you couldn't resist populating your home with plants despite the dark environment, encourage them to thrive with the boost of grow lights. LED grow lights usually have lower electricity costs than regular bulbs, generate less heat, and have the kind of bright intensity plants need to grow. Making sure your plants thrive is also excellent karma, since they'll return the favor by benefiting your health.

How to make this lighting hack work

If you're still researching which plants to buy, consider getting the perfect plant to match your style, preferences, and decor. Once you've chosen your plants, you'll then need to decide which lamps to use and purchase the appropriate number of bulbs. GE's Lighting Grow Light For Plants is a good option. In addition, you may want to purchase mechanical timers and rig them to your lights to make sure they go on during the day and off when they're no longer needed. BN-LINK has an Indoor Mini 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, but make sure you research and get the right model for your lights. While optional, you could also purchase a low-cost hanging light if the size or shape of your existing lamps isn't appropriate to nourish plants.

To complete this hack, replace your bulbs with grow lights. If necessary, add a few budget-friendly pendant lamps and replace those bulbs as well. Then, plug the light fixtures into your outlet timers and set them to turn on and off the light at the right times. You might consider a maximum of 14 to 16 hours of light a day so the plants can rest overnight. However, check with a nursery, as the number of hours of light a plant needs differs between species.