This Genius Hack Neatly Stores Plastic Bags With One Common Household Item

If you usually shove your plastic grocery bags away in a cupboard or leave them around your house, the mess may become overwhelming. In fact, you will probably use around 300 plastic bags annually, which is quite a significant amount. This large number could be difficult to store neatly, but one simple solution could help you organize them effectively. Your saving grace? An empty tissue box. This innocent household staple comes in handy when neatly storing any rogue bags that accumulate around your house or under your kitchen sink, making storing your plastic shopping bags much simpler. Not only does this hack help you to clean up your mess, but it should also make it easier to access the bags as well.

Thankfully, this hack doesn't take too long. Once you complete it, you should have what feels like an unlimited amount of plastic bags ready at your disposal. Additionally, this also prevents you from throwing the plastic into the trash where it would end up in a landfill without getting reused. Talk about a win-win. Once they're worn down enough, you can always recycle your plastic bags. Take a look at how to complete this hack below.

Grab an empty tissue box

For this Instagram hack, all you need is an empty tissue box and your army of plastic bags. Simply insert the first plastic bag and pull the two handles just outside of the top opening. You should be able to see the two handles poking out. Next, take a second bag and insert it sideways through the two handle holes of the bag in the box. Once that's done, push the bag down into the box and then pull up the handles to repeat the process with the rest of your grocery bags. You'll be left with your very own mini plastic bag dispenser. Now, whenever you leave the house and need a bag, all you need to do is reach for your new device and whip one out.

So, why does this hack work so well? Of course, it all comes down to the box, which is the ideal mechanism for dispensing your grocery bags like tissues. This makes it quick and easy to pull one out, rather than fumbling around in your cupboards. Further, while you could simply use your cardboard tissue box for this hack, you could also decorate the outside with contact paper or use a decorative holder. This could be beneficial if you want to keep the box out in the open for ease of access.