Use Two Home Essentials To Remove Cloudy Residue From Cooking Utensils

According to Ideal Home, the average person washes up for just over an hour and a half every week. However, sometimes, no matter how much you wash something, you just can't seem to get it clean — in particular, when it comes to cloudy residue on your cooking utensils. Even if all the scrubbing doesn't seem to work, you still have options. Simply take some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and you can zap away that pesky cloudy residue from your kitchen utensils in no time — it's really that simple! You can even use baking soda to clean pans and pots.  

Although it probably seems too good to be true, this hack can help to save you plenty of time that would have otherwise been spent trying to remove it yourself using your own elbow grease. Now, you should be able to get back to using your utensils just as you did before. So, what does the whole process entail? It may take some patience, but it will help remedy the issue.

Start with hydrogen peroxide before baking soda

Okay, now you're armed with some hydrogen and baking soda. Now what? It's surprisingly simple. All you need to do is leave your cooking tools in the hydrogen peroxide, which could be done in a large bowl or dish deep enough to submerge them. You shouldn't need a really strong solution; around 3% to 5% should be sufficient in combination with water. Anything above 10% could be risky to use. Let your utensils sit for at least a whole day before layering a baking soda paste all over them, ensuring you get a good coating. Let this sit for several minutes. Both of these solutions should now be starting to work their magic on the white residue, preparing you for the final step of the process. For the last part, all you need to do is grab your tools and give them a rinse, just as you would when cleaning up, making sure to rinse off all the paste.

For this hack, the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide help break down the cloudy residue on your utensils due to their abrasive nature. When it comes to removing both the solutions, they're loose enough that you can then remove the stains. However, if you want to prevent the cloudy residue from returning, you need to solve the root of your cloudy dishes issue. You may want to consider options such as a water filter or implementing a water-softening product into your dishwasher.